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Identification Information
Title: Cross-Boundary Resources Module
Abstract: This beta service has been created for the working session of the Cross Boundary Data Integration Workshop, February 1-3, 2012, hosted by the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center. The service contains shared data layers between cooperators and all datasets should be considered in draft working status until they are formally published. Please contact Kim Homan, GIS Coordinator at the Southeast Alaska GIS Library for more information. The project is a collaboration between the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center and the Southeast Alaska GIS Library. Thank you to our partners for their support.
Service URL:
Resource Type: application
Originator: University of Alaska, Southeast
Publication Date: 2012-02-01
Metadata Language: English
Data Theme
Theme Topics: Biology and Ecology, Geological and Geophysical, Administrative and Political Boundaries, Canada, Transboundary
Spatial Domain
West Bounding Longitude: -140.032947
East Bounding Longitude: -123.505340
North Bounding Latitude: 60.646713
South Bounding Latitude: 50.451237
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